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Corporate Bar Catering Services in Brookside, Kansas City MO

 We specialize in making a bar menu that isn’t cookie cutter but exactly what you want.  Our communication and customer service will make you feel

confident you made the right choice for your corporate bar catering services in Brookside, Kansas City MO.


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We are not a one size fits all operation. We are a locally owned business who understands the value of saving money. We try our best to pass on the savings we receive to you! If you need help staying within your budget we will work with you to make sure you are getting your money’s worth! On the other hand if you want to make sure this is a top-shelf event we will make sure the finest will be served. Johnnie Walker Black to Chandon.

We take the hassle and stress out of event planning by bringing the booze to you! We offer delivery within Kansas City service area and deliver your products at the optimal temperature. Our reliable and trustworthy deliverers stock the bar so the bartenders will be ready to start pouring!

Build your own custom package or go with a package we have proving to be a winner. Need some bitters or shrubs to top off that perfect cocktail, or some ice to keep your libations cold? We have you covered, BWS is a one stop shop for all your party needs.

Easy Corporate Liquor Services

Brookside Wine and Spirits can be your in-house event consultant and advise on wine and liquor quantities for any office event need. We work closely with clients to select bottles that meet specific tastes and budgets. We can also help coordinate on-site or off-site wine tastings featuring sommeliers and wine educators.

It’s Not a Party Without the Booze

Planning a holiday party? Let us help you show your clients and employees how much you appreciate them!

Partnered Venues


Such a wonderful family owned company! I just love doing business with them. They made our special day so easy by providing wine and beer with no hassle at all. I highly recommend this company!

Brookside Wine and Spirits were great to work with. They made recommendations regarding how much beer/wine/liquor to purchase based on my guest count. They dropped everything off at my venue and picked up any unopened liquor after the wedding. It was awesome to have a place that was willing to take back unopened alcohol for a refund. This relieved a lot of stress regarding how much alcohol to buy. The employees we worked with were incredibly helpful! I would highly recommend using this vendor for your reception!

Mike made the overall experience super easy and offered great suggestions to help fill our needs and budget. They accommodated all questions and changes. Would use again for any special occasion.

Very helpful and wonderful to work with. Zero hassle in returning unopened beer and liquor. Would use them again in a heartbeat!!!

They saved us hundreds of dollars by allowing us to return unused beer, as long as the cases were in good enough shape. Excellent choice of beer and liquor vendor.

Happy Planning!

From a free quote to free delivery, our communication and customer service will make you feel

confident you made the right choice for your liquor/bar services in Brookside, Kansas City MO.


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